The Flower Field

The Big Launch

Today we have at last started our blog. The sun is shining and all is good.

This month is a month of planning in the field, sowing seeds and ordering more seeds (where there is bare earth, seeds can be sown). February is a compulsive month, seed catalogues drop through the letter box and the temptation starts. Sue and I have it off to a perfect patter. If we purchase something the other does not know about, we use the excuse that it’s for our own private gardens for research purposes only. However, when the seed trays start to burst into life and need to be transplanted out, they seem to make their way to the field!

February is also a time to sift through many photos taken over the previous year that need to be sorted into some sort of order. It’s impossible in the busy months, weeding, sowing, picking, conditioning, arranging and delivering our flowers to sort out all the photos we take, so whilst everything is sleeping in the field we have time to organise our paperwork, photos etc. As the buds and bulbs start to show themselves we realise that our time is running out.


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