Making flower food


We have been really lucky with the weather lately. It has meant we can tidy and plan the flower field in the sunshine with our coats off. The days seem to fly by at the moment. With appointments to see this years brides, finalising all our seed and bulb orders, weeding and covering 2 poly tunnels, sowing seeds on a daily basis it’s a good job the clocks turn back at the end of the month, we will appreciate that extra hour of day light.

First trench dug for dahlias and tulips breaking through the soil & first tunnel going up


One of the things we start to make now is our flower food. We use a lot of muck from the farm for our perennials as a mulch and in the trench’s, dug out for our dahlias and sweet peas (both dahlias and sweet peas are greedy feeders) but once our plants start to establish we like to use a nettle brew to encourage good leaf and root growth. Armed with rubber gloves we go picking young nettles, some of which won’t make the brewing barrel in the shed but end up in a pan in the kitchen. Nettles make the most amazing soup and are rich in vitamins. Sue has the most amazing recipe loaded with onions and garlic, a huge chunk of homemade bread, sat outside with her menagerie of chickens; what more can you ask for. One word of warning when picking nettles for the kitchen. Make sure the nettles you pick are a good distance from road sides and areas where dogs could been!!

Nettles good for feeding both plants and us!

At the end of this week it’s Mothers Day and we have been overwhelmed by interest in our flowers for this special day, (we are now sold out of flowers for this weekend). The race is on to cut, condition and get all our Mothers Days posies out.


Enjoy your week, we hope all Mothers out there have a wonderful weekend and don’t forget to put your clocks forward an hour on Saturday night.


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