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Mothers Day Posies  Spring table decoration for a dinner function

It’s been a chaotic few weeks.


Lambing is at last nearly over, much too our other sister Jayne’s relief. Jayne; who’s the shepherdess on the farm, has worked tirelessly over the past few weeks bringing new life into the world. Sue and I go out first thing in the morning to tend to all the jobs Jayne gives us in the maternity ward! After each ewe lambs, she is moved into her own cubicle for peace, quiet and to recover. If all is well they are moved in with other mums; into a large shed we have named ‘The Savoy’!! After a day, if the weather is kind, they are moved outside. The relief and pleasure on a ewes face is clearly evident, once she realises she is at last back outside with her friends and loads of green grass.

Late Sunshine


This weekend was also a very special day. Mothers Day is one of the busiest times of year for flowers. I read recently in our local paper that it’s even bigger than Valentines Day! We definitely did not anticipate that we would sell out so quickly for our Mothers Day Posies and we would like to thank all those that bought posies from us and all their kind words.


Large Mothers Day PosiesMothers Day PosiesMore Mothers Day Posies for delivery


We now have 2 poly tunnels as well as our greenhouses to cram even more seeds/flowers into. Planning now turns to our weddings and regular deliveries.  Some of the flowers are grown under cover, providing us with an early crop and also to get those all important long stems. The nettle brew is starting to stink and muck is being dug into all the beds where greedy plants demand it! The dahlias we over wintered in a traditional pile have come through without too many mice nibbles and most are happily sprouting ready to be planted out in our undercover bed, where they will stay until fear of the last frost has passed.


Dahila Pile


The other flower field has been ploughed and power harrowed and is ready for direct sowing. More seeds have been ordered (you can never have enough!!!! or so I keep telling Sue and trying to convince myself). As a grower supplying brides, florists and local customers it can, at times, be very difficult to estimate how many flowers you are going to need in each season. Everything has to be looked at from weather, if it’s too hot or too cold, too much rain or not enough and also new demand/new customers (which is really good but can be scary at the same time). Lessons are learnt all the time but there is something quite special about working with the land and flowers. Being surrounded by nature really does have a calming effect and although at times you have not got time to reflect or appreciate your surroundings, when customers come to the flower field, we are reminded why we do this job.


Our second flower field DSC_0248

Our final idea for the week was to do a video diary. Although the filming quality needs to improve have a look at our first draft.

Enjoy your week ahead. I believe the weather is going to be good overall. Sit down, grab a coffee, tea or a nice cold glass of wine, sit outside and try and spot your first swallow!





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