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The new year


Happy new year to all our readers. We hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and are ready for the year ahead.


January is a time where Sue and I can at last get to grips with paperwork and planning; not just in our business lives but in our personal lives too. Houses are cleaned, decorated and sorted. Paperwork is filed, thrown, dealt with and the final part of our lives seems to be put into some sort of order!

DSC_0718DSC_0627 (2)

This month also gives an opportunity to file and transfer all our photos and videos taken over 2014. The videos do make us laugh and would never be for public viewing, but for us, are more valuable in the planning process than photos. Twice a month, throughout the year, we take a video of the fields detailing what is growing, what we have been doing, things that have not worked, things we should do next year etc. Visually, this is so much better than photos for remembering what was happening at that time. We’d never make a BBC camera person, but is one of the most valuable things we do.

Photos of individual flowers, across the seasons, makes us realise that you really can’t have a favourite flower. Each season indulges you with other beauties. My favourite all time flower was always the Rose but now I really can’t say that just this flower captures my heart. Each season presents itself with some real treasures, some of which I never really thought I liked that much. When you work with flowers on a daily basis, sowing, growing on, feeding, watering, staking, cutting, arranging and ultimately sharing with others, it makes you realise that its impossible to have one favourite. Here are some of our Spring favourites:

Lily of the valley, Iceberg Rose and Pure white sweet peasDSC_0580IMG_7319IMG_7162IMG_7075                                 IMG_7070IMG_7129

Have a lovely weekend everyone. Wendy.



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