Great British Garden Revival


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Anyone with a love of flowers will be aware of the Great British Garden Revival which has been broadcast on the BBC over the past weeks. Those yet to view their recordings are in for a real treat (grab that cuppa, stop what you’re doing – don’t forget to keep a notebook by the side of you – notes need to be taken)

British Flowers have such beauty; through their kaleidoscope of colours, diverse range of textures and most importantly their indulgent scent. Rachel de Thame is one of a growing number of celebrities on a mission to promote British Flowers and rightly so. Buy Seasonal British Flowers and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Logging onto Flowers from the farm website – http://flowersfromthefarm.co.uk/ allows you to find your local grower, build up a really good relationship with them; whether it’s for flowers for a special occasion, wedding or regular flowers just for your home, you certainly won’t regret it. (The website is being updated at the moment so keep logging on to keep up to date)


This week has been such an exciting week for British Flower Growers. Along with Gill Hodgson (founder of Flowers from the farm) and Fiona Pickles (owner of Firenza Floral Design) we met with the RHS team at Harlow Carr to discuss British Flower Week and a very exciting partnership has begun. Watch this space guys …. more news to follow.

(A note for your diary – British Flower Week 15 – 19 June 2015) IMG_6659 IMG_6685

At this time of year when most of the fields are in a deep slumber its time to decide and plan for the year ahead. What seeds to grow, what new flowers to trial and where on earth do we find room for even more flowers! This year we have ordered more roses, different dahlia varieties and some unusual lovelies along with our normal orders. This will be our 4th year of growing for you all, where has the time gone.

Ranunculus in the tunnels


Annual seeds are so easy to grow, everyone can have a small cut flower patch in their garden or even on a balcony. When weeds start growing in the garden it’s natures alarm call to start sowing your seeds; as the day light hours get longer and the temperature starts to increase. Some growers follow the lunar calendar to sow seeds, some use a gardening book whilst others go on years of experience. Just don’t be frightened or daunted, experiment, write a diary its definitely the best way to learn.

Autumn sowings in one of the tunnels before christmas


This weeks weather looks like a mix of warm and cold. Whatever the weather wrap up warm, get outside and look for signs of Spring. The nights are definitely getting lighter, snowdrops are emerging and the birds have started to sing their distinct song.

Have a good week everyone.  Sue and Wendy.



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