The Flower Field

British Summer Time, Easter and Family Time



The beginning of British Summer Time heralds the time between the Spring Equinox and Easter.

For us it is one of the special times on the farm; lambing time.

It is a time when all the 3 generations of the family work together. All having their own individual roles, dependant on age!DSC_1251


Bringing new life into the world is such a special experience.DSC_1252 Even after having seen thousands of lambs born over the years, each birth is unique. Something inside changes you when you give birth to your own, you become so much more understanding of each ewes needs, pain and the sheer exhaustion they feel. After a few days of nurturing inside, they are taken outside. For the ewe this is the first time she has been out for several months on lush fresh grass (several weeks before they lamb, we bring them all in and feed them a special feed mix and silage, to help them with the last stages of their pregnancy). No sooner has she entered the field, her head is down and she eats. Her lamb or lambs on the other hand have never seen grass or experienced wide open spaces. Its not long before they are skipping around and given a few days they will join up with the ‘gang’ of older lambs.DSC_1319 (This brute was nicknamed Hercules. This picture was taken just a few hours after he had been born!)

DSC_1199Spring is seen on the farm in many ways; hedgerows bursting into bud, corn crops in the field start to blanket out the brown bare earth, the flower fields new shoots start to emerge, frog spawn in the pond, birds looking for nesting sites and the whole of the countryside takes on shades of vibrant green.DSC_1395~2


DSC_1189As the seasons turn, Easter is a time for family gatherings and celebrations. DSC_1183Spending time together, eating chocolate and making memories.


Here in Holme, the annual competition to see the first swallow is under way!!DSC_1198

DSC_1195We hope you all had a wonderful Easter and at last are enjoying the Spring warmth.


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