The Flower Field

Blog….Create a Spring Planter with your recycled Christmas Wreath ring

Wrap chicken wire around the ring, making a shallow trough, where the plants will go.

Now wrap material around the chicken wire. Stitch the edges to the wire with a sturdy needle and wool. This holds the compost in place, retains moisture and tidies up the back of the ring. We use hessian, an old wool jumper that’s been shrunk (it takes on a felty feel, which is perfect) or fleece material. This is from an old fleece coat.


Then push you plants in between the copper rings; you can open them up to get the plants in and squeeze together to hold the plants in place. Pop small bulbs like Muscari, Crocus or Anemones for late flowering in between. Don’t be afraid to squeeze in plenty of plants. You can use herbs too, which you can snip for the kitchen.

You can either hang up on a wall/door, giving you your own little living wall/door or pop on a patio table to enjoy whilst you have a cuppa on a warm Spring day.

When it starts to look tired pull out, pop the spent bulbs in the garden for next year (leave the foliage on to let it die back naturally; this provides energy for the bulb next year) and plant up for a summer planter.

If you fancy a more natural design, line your chicken wire with moss, plant up with your chosen flowers and fill in with compost.