The Flower Field

Slow down – Connect with nature – Get creative

Create a Life Collage

Turn your dreams into reality……

Over the last year we have all had time to reflect about our lives, giving us opportunity to slow down and this has brought about time to evaluate what’s important to us. When our busy lives move us through the days we have little time to think, so our minds become overwhelmed.

Creating a Life Collage is a powerful technique for self reflection. Setting new intentions gives new life direction and provides a visual manifestation. Visualisation has been used with great success for decades, as a mental rehearsal for athletes to enhance their performance. Your collage can be used to motivate you visually, to make positive changes in your life.

You will be immersed in nature as soon as you arrive. It’s time to slow down, connect with your surroundings giving you head space to get creative.

Back at the flower field we will relax in The Bothy with refreshments and homemade cake before you start to create your own unique collage using images, text, drawings and nature’s finds.

If you are interested in one of these workshops click on Creative Times Together for more information. Prices start from £50 per person. Just give us a call to discuss planning your day here at Holme Flowers for you and your friend/friends.