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We are both long time lovers of wild swimming and over the years have been lucky enough to swim in some amazing places. Many of you will be aware of Wim Hof’s methods and his truly inspirational work encouraging us all to embrace the cold. If you don’t already follow Wim, we would highly recommend you do. He is a wealth of knowledge on cold water and has proven scientifically of its benefits, Wim’s positive energy is addictive, don’t take our word for it but see for yourself.

Swimming in warm waters conjures up images of relaxation, soothing the senses and calming the mind, cold water swimming for many does not appeal and if we were being truthful there has been many a time when the thought of plunging into freezing cold waters really isn’t that appealing, especially when the walk there was cold and you are having to take off gloves and warm snugly coats! But…… and there is a big but, the feeling you get when you get into the water and afterwards is hard to describe. We aren’t the poetic type, don’t claim to be and sometimes you just need to do things for yourself to understand what it means to you. If you can encourage a friend to do this with you, all the better.

So we encourage you and a friend to get outside on a cold frosty day, take off your wellies ** and socks and walk in the frosty grass for at least a minute. It will feel really cold and you will feel pain but……. the pain you feel will not hurt you and you need to keep telling yourself this is not dangerous, you are not in pain but your senses are being overloaded. Do whatever it takes when you feel this rush!!! We tend to burst into laugher but maybe you could breath deeply in and out, hop on the spot, chat to each other about your previous day, distract yourself by counting back from 30 or saying the alphabet backwards. Whatever you can do to calm your senses, each of your senses needs to be engaged. Then wrap your alive feet in a pair of fluffy warm socks and get them back in your wellies or boots. Carry on walking for at least 20 minutes and really notice how your feet and you feel. It can be really helpful to write a diary, log how you feel under notes on your phone or record some words to describe how you feel before and after. Not only are you experiencing cold therapy but you are connecting with nature on a very basic primitive level as well as releasing any negative energy that you may have through the soles of your feet.

Wendy & Sue

Please share with us your experiences. Our next blog, we want to share with you small steps to enjoying cold water.

** We advise you don’t wear tight fitting shoes/boots, your feet need to have air around them to warm up after being in the frost.