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Embracing the cold

Cold Water Dip

In our last blog post we talked about the benefits of the cold and asked you all to try barefoot frost walking. Thanks to everyone who shared their experiences it’s so lovely to hear how much you have enjoyed it and want to learn more.

The aim really at this point is for you to understand the feelings you get when you encounter the cold. It’s about listening to your body and focusing the mind.

So to move on from walking in the cold it’s time to dip your toes……or maybe a little more!

In our gardens we both have a large water barrel normally used to collect water for the plants, but at this time of year when the river can be up and not safe to swim in, we’ll take a dip in our barrels instead. The barrel is just big enough for us to get crouched down into it and allows the water to come up to our shoulders. It does not need filling to the top if you go straight to full dipping, just fill the barrel a little over half full and top up as needed.

To start with, you may just want to sit at the side of the barrel and put your feet in or legs. Go at your own pace. The most important thing is to think about how it makes you feel, breath through the tingling feeling. You should start to block out the cold feeling and be able to sit comfortably for a while. You will find over time you can stay in longer but some days may be more challenging than others, that’s fine, try to focus the mind, remember you are in control. It might be good to focus on the movement of a branch or something else in the garden, or perhaps close your eyes and listen to the birds. The idea is to bring your mind back to what you want it to concentrate or focus on.

Have a nice warm bathrobe or large towel ready for when you get out. Remember to get out gradually, and wrap up really warm. Head back indoors and make yourself a warm drink. If you feel cold warm up your body with some star jumps or jog on the spot, or you could take a warm shower. Sue likes to get in the shower, but I’m not sure it helps me get warm as it can make me feel colder, so I will wrap up with extra layers, keep moving with a cup of tea to warm my hands. Ultimately this is about you understanding what works for you, how you can focus your mind, how you can overcome uncomfortable feelings and feel that euphoria which really is hard to describe to others who have not experienced it yet.

Please let us know how you get on and what works for you. Happy dipping!!

Embrace the cold