Breathe in Yorkshire

Time to take control of your mental and physical health

Hi my name is Wendy and some of you may know me from Well Being at Holme.


A few years ago now, I started to notice my mind had become overwhelmed and I had very little control over my emotions, my health and my sleep started to really suffer. I had always found walking, running and wild swimming helped to calm and connect me, but now there was a missing link. In that moment of panic or a stressful situation I needed something there and then that I could tap into or learn. A chance late night google I came across Patrick McKeown. I read all his books and found the answer I was searching for. The way we breathe has a profound effect on our bodies both mentally and physically. After learning some of the techniques in his books I started to understand and experience the missing link.

This was my reason for training to be a Buteyko and Oxygen Advantage Instructor. Not only did I have control over my mind but both my mental and physical health benefited. I could run much longer and easier, recover better, my digestion improved, had more energy and my lower back pain eased. I felt like I was me again! I have learnt that there is always more we can learn if we choose to listen.


Embrace the cold

I have been a cold water swimmer for 16 years now, learning from various leaders in this field, and understanding the synergy breath plays in our mental and physical well-being. The cold water is a shock to the system, you learn to control your breathing, the nervous system and focus the mind. The more I studied the breath, the more I realised how misunderstood its importance on our health truly was. Working with the cold and the breath benefits sleep, concentration, performance, inflammation, blood pressure, heart rate, improve stress, anxiety as well as a myriad of other benefits.

I am now a Buteyko Instructor and Oxygen Advantage Instructor. My journey has begun, to help others live a happier and healthier life. Working on both your mental and physical well-being.

If you would like to learn techniques to support and improve your mental and physical health, then I’d love to help you.

Start Your Journey, Invest And Trust In Yourself And Take Control. Call Me For A Chat On 07999556469 Or Contact Me at

Breathwork session Learn more about the importance of breathing correctly. The way we breath has a huge impact on our mental health and the way we control stressful situations. Breathing correctly also improves your sleep, asthma, inflammation, blood pressure, long covid, fibromyalgia just to name a few.

Cold water experience with Breathwork session Along with learning about the importance of breathing correctly you will be able to experience cold water and its benefits, all harnessed by your breathing which is intrinsic to tapping into your mind and allowing you to be in control.

Ride the Menopause Wave Learn the benefits of breathing correctly to lower blood pressure, manage stress and anxiety, have better sleep, have better concentration, relieve brain fog and incorporate exercise into your life giving you better control over your mid life and embracing these changes.

One to one sessions or a group session with friends can be arranged as well as zoom sessions. Maybe you want me to come to your home or you would like to work here at Holme in nature or the Bothy. Give me a call or email me for more information.