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Some years ago now, I started to notice my mind had become overwhelmed and I had very little control over my emotions, my health and my sleep started to really suffer. I had always found, nature, walking, running and wild swimming helped to calm and connect me, but now there was a missing link. In that moment of panic or a stressful situation I needed something there and then that I could tap into. A chance late night google I came across Patrick McKeown. I started to read some of his books and found the answer I was searching for. The way we breathe has a profound affect on our bodies both mentally and physically. After learning some of the techniques in his books, I started to understand and experience the missing link.

This was my reason for training to be a Buteyko and Oxygen Advantage Instructor. Not only did I have control over my mind but both my mental and physical health benefited. I could run much longer and easier, recover better, my digestion improved, had more energy and my lower back pain eased. I felt like I was me again! I then went on to study other breathwork techniques and developed a deeper understanding of the power of breath.

The more I studied breathing techniques, some dating back 1,000’s of years, the more I realised how misunderstood its importance on our health truly was. Most people don’t even pay attention to their breathing; I certainly didn’t, it’s only when our breathing becomes difficult that the connection is made. Paying attention to our breathing is the start. There are hundreds of different breathing techniques out there and once you find the ones that work for you, you’ll acquire a new relationship with your body and mind. You will see improvements to your sleep, concentration, performance, adaptability to stress as well as lowering blood pressure, reducing asthma symptoms and enjoying fitness.


I have been a cold water swimmer for over 16 years now, working with other leaders experienced in this field and studying various techniques that worked for me to understanding the synergy our breathing plays along side uncomfortable/stressful situations, competition and the cold, affecting both our mental and physical health. The cold water is a shock to the system, through the power of our breath we can gain control in that the moment, connect with the brain, nervous system and our body as a whole.

I had always had a deep connection with nature and music and with my knowledge of the breath I started to study the relationship between our bodies/minds, the breath, movement, music and connecting with nature to alter different states within our body. I could energise myself when tired, calm myself to focus my attention and work through a difficult situation. I was consciously aware of what my body was asking of me in those moments. I am now passionate about sharing and supporting others to find that connection with their bodies, ultimately for a more balanced life. I am a great believer that the challenges we face provide us with experiences for us to learn. If we choose to listen and see what we are presented with, we can gain powers within ourselves that are very difficult to describe, but can be life changing.

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Breathwork session Learn more about the importance of breathing correctly. The way we breath has a huge impact on our mental health and the way we control stressful situations. Breathing correctly also improves your sleep, asthma, inflammation, blood pressure, long covid, fibromyalgia just to name a few. 90 mins £60

Cold water experience with Breathwork session Along with learning about the importance of breathing correctly you will be able to experience cold water and its benefits, all harnessed by your breathing which is intrinsic to tapping into your mind and allowing you to be in control. 120 mins £80

Understand your body and take back control Through music, movement, nature and breathing I will coach you specific techniques to help you live a more balanced life. Gain back control and understand the messages our bodies send us. 90 mins £60

I always like to chat via phone or zoom first – this allows us both to make sure the sessions are designed specifically for you and you are ready to change. It takes training and time to change a habit, only when you are ready to commit should you start this journey.

Group session Do you fancy getting together with friends for a relaxing afternoon or evening and learning more about how you can look after your well-being. Maybe you would like to incorporate a sound bath, Reiki, learn to create with nature or maybe you haven’t got enough time in the day and have too many demands – I collaborate with various therapists and creatives to offer a unique day for you all, designed around your interests, with the ultimate goal of understanding and improving well-being. Price on enquiry.