How it all began …..

A collective of experienced individuals who want to share their knowledge to improve your well being through creativity, somatic therapy, breath work, cold water therapy, aromatherapy, movement surrounded by nature

Sue and Wendy originally started Holme Flowers from a passion shared about all the forgotten flowers enjoyed by previous generations. The scent of a rose, a loosely tied posy of sweet peas or granddad’s prize dahlias.

The following 11 years they were guided by the seasons, growing the business , delivering weekly Friday Flowers to local customers, before expanding to provide flowers for all occasions and offering workshops to share with others the benefits of connecting with nature, through creativity.


The Bothy was built 6 years ago to provide a cosy space for Creative Times Together & a space to Eat and Relax

As the business evolved they realised there was a deep desire within people to connect with nature, soothe the mind and improve their well being. This special space provided people with something time to actually switch off the day to day life and connect back with who they actually were.

From this realisation both Sue and Wendy started to further develop their skills in areas they were interested in to share with others, ways in which we can all improve our health. On this journey they have met others who wanted share their skills and knowledge, ultimately the goal to improve health and well being for those seeking to understand and have control over their life.

This was the beginning of Well being at Holme’s journey.

Where a collective of individuals come together to offer space to share their knowledge and teach others ways to improve well being; promoting calm, understanding of ourselves, lifting the mood and ultimately gaining techniques you can use in your everyday life.